ICCRS International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services


From ICCRS Statute: ICCRS Office Art. 25. The ICCRS Office serves the ICCRS' Council, providing the necessary administration to implement the Council's decisions. It is equipped with sufficient equipment in order to accomplish the work entrusted to it and to preserve the archives. It has the necessary personnel, according to ICCRS' criteria, chosen from different parts of the world, with the special representation of the languages most spoken within the CCR. Art. 26. The Executive Director is chosen by the ICCRS Council members, and may but need not be a member of the Council. Among his many tasks, the Director will when requested represent ICCRS on behalf of the President. Art. 27. ICCRS' Office is managed by the Executive Director under the supervision of the President and on the basis of the Council's guidelines. The tasks of the office consist of co-ordination and administration in many different ways. For example:

  1. Co-ordination and Administration: Keeping in order and up-to-date ICCRS’ lists of leaders area by area, undertaking correspondence, informing members of important news received from their areas, managing the Newsletter, the International Library and the Web pages, arranging and attending Council meetings and taking minutes of the proceedings, being available to the President and Council members for correspondence, translation etc., publishing ICCRS’ books, supervising ICCRS’ conferences and other meetings, producing special reports on the CCR situation in different parts of the world etc.
  2. Accounting and Financial matters: Keeping the accounting books according to modern means and practices so they can be examined by the ecclesiastical authority according to Canon 325, producing an annual balance sheet with a profit and loss statement, preparing an annual budget for ICCRS’ members, raising financial resources to enable ICCRS to carry on its mission, dealing with the payment of salaries and wages, the reimbursement of expenses, and the payment of accounts etc., all according to the guidelines given by ICCRS and its President.
  3. The task of receiving visitors is an important concern for the Office.

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